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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Strange USCF Business Practice

Paul and I have repeatedly asked to see the financial report and we were told that it will come soon... This was a while back. We still do not have it.

Today, we received the report from Ms. Alarie and the following note:

Since they were leaked to me and not sent to me by USCF's Finance Chair or the USCF office, I see no reason not to continue the leak and send them to Executive Board members who are entitled to see them. These reports are the way I received them except I've added yellow highlight to show the $144k loss in the first preliminary report and the $82k loss in the second preliminary report.

The names on these two reports are changed from what they were when they were sent to me. I changed them just so I could set up different spreadsheets and not have them become confused. #1 was the first one created and #2 was the second. I don't think I changed anything on these spreadsheets other than the yellow highlights because I created a third spreadsheet for my own analysis.

Why am I doing this? Because it's the right thing to do. USCF has a major financial crisis and cannot afford the political games if it wants to survive it. It will be crucial for everyone on the EB and the delegates to understand the differences between the auditeds and the office's reports. If USCF office management is producing reports with $100k revenue swings in them, it is impossible for EB members to be able to make informed decisions based on reality.

It is also my understanding that a request went from the office to the LMA to borrow $50k from the LMA. I don't honestly understand that since USCF has a credit line of $150k - unless USCF has already tapped that line or expects to have it tapped before the delegates meeting - something which I have no knowledge of one way or the other at present.

Donna Alarie
Massachusetts Delegate

I am against the new proposal by Bill Goichberg. I do not think it will bring in new members. However, the "business as usual politics" by the USCF will cause the membership to go down, especially with the current national economy.

I am against borrowing money from the LMA. I have stated this back in last September. If our management cannot run the USCF with the current budget and revenues then it is time to bring in new people to do the right job. We cannot continue to dip into Life Members' money.

I have also proposed to have a "quality control" system so we can pinpoint the problems. There are way too many backroom and under the table deals now and everything has to be out in the open. After all, if no one knows where the problems are, how can we fix them? The board and the USCF have no interest to implement such a system.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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