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Friday, June 27, 2008

What board members do behind the scene

This was a post I made about the state of the USCF:

I believe the legal fees so far is $35,000 not counting representation provided by the insurance company. This is not counting additional legal fees (and potential financial damages) for 2-3 other serious legal matters which USCF board members publicly challenged the other side to: "put up or shut up" and "go ahead and sue". How professional!

In a few months, the USCF has to put up $35,000 minimum for the Olympiad. If Mr. Frank K. Berry does not sponsor the US and US Women's Championship in 2009, the USCF would have to come up with the money for that as well.

I am very busy now but I will post a few items (of dozens and dozens) of leaks by the board to Jerry Hanken (now that I have a written consent by the other side) and others as soon as I have a chance. Then all USCF members will see the pattern of conduct by the board majority.

This is just a sample:

The board knows full well that I have been promoting and sponsoring military chess for over 2 years. I am in constant contact with many people in military chess. In fact, I was asked by members of the military chess committee to be their liaison and no other board member is involved in military chess at all since Mr. Channing step down.

A few weeks ago, Bill Goichberg brought up the issue about finding a new liaison to the military chess committee. I said I would be happy to do it because I am currently working with them anyway while no one else really cares about it. This should be a no brainer.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems. This is what took place behind the scene. The item below will show the conduct of Bill Goichberg and other board members (this was copied / sent / forwarded to other USCF insiders and it floated around and even landed on one of the public forums and finally it got back to me). There was no discussion or debate, just an under the table deal instigated by the President himself:

"What should we do about military liaison? ...I see no evidence that she has done any work for USCF as a board member; she seems motivated entirely by self interest....

...Probably just as well, as if she did speak to him it's not likely she would have been working in the interests of USCF.

...I wish we could remove her as Scholastic liaison, but don't know who could replace her. At least, one of you should become military liaison. If you could discuss this with each other and one of you make a motion that the other be the liaison, that would be very good."

The next day, Randy Hough made a motion to have Jim Berry take over the military chess liaison just as stated / suggested by Bill Goichberg. Then Jim Berry accepted the nomination and others voted yes immediately. I have no problem if Jim Berry takes over this committee. He is a veteran and he is loves chess. I would be happy if he wants to help military chess.

The problem is how it was done behind the scene. This was the same way how things work for the Presidency back in last August. There was no discussion. There was no thinking about the best interest of chess, USCF members, or the USCF. Instead of doing what is good for our members, one person wanted to fulfill he personal dream and he convinced his friends to go along with it. How much money has the USCF lost since last August?

I wonder how Mr. Goichberg will justify his conduct and behavior. I personally asked him to step down from subcommittees or recuse himself due to conflict of interest. He refused. Perhaps he would like to publicly deny this the same way his friend Jerry Hanken did of wrong doing knowing that the evidence is there and I can prove it. Tons of it are located within the confidential binfo which the board wants to hide it from all the members. They do not want the members to know the truth. I would challenge Mr. Goichberg and the board majority to open everything up for all USCF members to see. But of course there is no chance they would accept.

I also wonder how Mr. Goichberg will explain to 84,000 members about other unethical behind the scene / under the table conduct and agreements to get what he wants. I said that I would run for the board to clean up the dirty and destructive politics. I will not back off to these people. They have gone too far to harm me and my family on many levels and everything will come out.

I asked for have peace and harmony among board members for the best interest of the USCF. Of course the other side would reject that. It is not enough that Mr. Goichberg got his life long dream of becoming the USCF President. He wants more. He wants others who oppose him out of the USCF.

If Bill Goichberg truly believes that I have done nothing for chess or the USCF and all I want to do is to promote myself then back it up. I would challenge Bill Goichberg to have a poll on the USCF website so ALL 84,000 USCF members can vote to see which board member has done the most to benefit chess in this country. I offered to help many times but the USCF is basically a one man show to control the federation. Even when the USCF is losing over $100,000 and desperately needs help, my offer was rejected. The idea is to block others to maintain power.

For something as silly as a committee liaison, board members behave like this behind the scene. What would they do with issues far more important, including serious legal issues? This is the same pattern as countless other issues.

As I said, dozens and dozens of confidential and legal documents and info were leaked out to Jerry Hanken and other USCF insiders the same way. Then these people go out and use this confidential info to attack and harm people who are against them. I told Mr. Goichberg and other board members that I know what took place and I have full proof to present in court.

My lawyer asked for three things to save the USCF from further legal problems for what they have done to me on a personal and professionally level. The other side basically insulted my lawyer and told me to go ahead and sue. Welcome to the USCF. More will come out soon.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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