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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stating my position

Bill G.,

I will re-state my position. The USCF has annual revenues of $3+ million. There is absolutely no reason why we cannot comfortably operate within this budget. If we do then we’re not doing our jobs. There are 2 clear solutions to resolve this problem:

1. Cut spending, expenses, and unnecessary waste, etc.
2. Raise revenues through memberships, advertisements, sponsorships, or donations, etc.

This is business 101. Here come the problems:

1. Where to cut spending and expenses without negatively effecting members’ services and the overall operation?
2. How to raise revenues?

Both Paul and I have given you a number of professional suggestions. There are a number of other people out there who are experts in many of these areas and can effectively help the USCF without costing the federation money. We have no time for destructive and petty politics. This must stop now as it will for sure destroy what’s left of the USCF.

Dr. McCrary said: “Sadly, as long as the endless culture of personal attacks continue, our public image and sponsor-relations will suffer greatly.”

Steve Doyle said: “we can't change the past--we can only go forward.”

I agree with both of them. You are the President. You must rise above all the chess politics and set positive examples.

Many of us are willing, ready, and able to support you to save the USCF but we must take a different course of action immediately. It is not too late but the fate of the USCF is in your hands.

Susan Polgar
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  • At Thursday, May 08, 2008 1:19:00 AM, Anonymous K. Hollister said…

    Well said! The best solution is to cut expenses. Raising member fees would cause more lost revenue, because many members would decide not to renew memberships; not to mention scaring off potiential new members.

    However, I do have a question: Where are the USCF members in this debate? Don't they get a say in how this organization is run?

    I am not a member, and the chances of me joining the USCF are not good until some drastic changes take place.

    I hope that USCF management will listen to (and implement) Ms. Polgar's suggestions, and soon.


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