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Sunday, March 30, 2008

USCF Finances

I was asked the following question today on my main blog:

"How bad are the finances at USCF ? How likely is it that USCF declares bankruptcy? What steps are being taken to avoid financial collapse?"

Here is my answer:

Some cuts were made but by far not enough. I have clearly pointed out ways for the USCF to save around $100,000 or more without effecting members' services at all. My proposals will cut wasteful spending and remove dead woods. Unfortunately, the board majority has ignored my proposals completely. There is no one doing quality control. There is no accountability system. Insiders simply protect each other.

The USCF is paying for various things which are not needed rather than obtaining it for little or no charge. Assignments and projects are STILL being given to friends and insiders instead of the best or most qualified people.

Another problem is there were potential sponsors including the SPF which wanted to help. We were willing to sponsor almost $30,000 cash for various events and projects and no one from the USCF got back to us for more than 3 months. In addition, a number of promises were not kept. The offers were then promptly withdrawn and that money will now be used to sponsor other activities. I know that some other people / organizations made similar complaints to me.

We are continuing to do the same old thing (which is clearly not working) hoping to survive rather than making things more productive and efficient.

The biggest problem will be legal fees. The political games which are being played right now can potentially bankrupt the USCF. Unfortunately, instead of doing the right things to save and grow this federation, decisions are being made to satisfy personal ego or for political purpose instead of the best interest of the USCF.

As I said before, some have no problem trying to destroy me personally, professionally and financially. They also have no qualm of harming my family and children. I have to say right now that unless the board is serious about changing the direction of the USCF for the better, I see a very dim future for this federation.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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