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Friday, February 22, 2008

More Q&A

dietchess wrote:

Susan and Paul, again I appreciate your responsiveness to my questions. Certainly, you could have chosen not to answer them. I have to admit that the answers don't help me much as for the most part I am evaluating a "They said, we said" scenario. I have no way of verifying either claim so I will have to wait for future developments. What baffles me is that the lawsuit by Sam Sloan against the USCF and various individuals has turned into an internal EB fight. That part I do not understand at all; unless the claim is (somewhat implied in Susan's question #4) that someone on the EB or related to someone on the EB has instructed Mr. Mottershead to launch an investigation and place wrong leads. As a mechanical engineer and as someone involved in a small business I find it impossible to accept such a possibility.



I forgot to add a few additional items in my previous responses. As both Susan and I stated before, we repeatedly asked to have our experts examine the USCF data for the past 6+ months. Our requests were turned down by Mr. Goichberg and his board majority.

Not only that Mr. Bill Goichberg refused to step down from the subcommittee investigating this matter (a direct conflict of interest) due to the fact that he was the ONLY board member who knew about this investigation, he and his board majority did everything they could to block our own investigation. They refused to provide us answers or information relating to this "investigation". They refused to open up the official records. So far, we know that Mr. Goichberg admitted in writing that he knew about the investigation but chose not stop it. He also chose not to consult his fellow board members.

The problem is not about this investigation. The problem is this investigation should have been turned over immediately to an independent investigator to continue and finalize. To make matters worse, Mr. Goichberg also admitted in writing that he hid this “unauthorized” investigation from his fellow board members for at least a week until Mr. Mottershead bragged out his investigation publicly. Multiple clauses of the NDA were blatantly violated by a number of parties.

We recently requested for the contact information of Mr. Mottershead, Mr. Bogner and Chess Magnet School since they were/are all directly / indirectly involved in this “unauthorized” investigation. The USCF turned down our request. We were told by the ED that he needed the permission from the parties. A week later, we were informed that Mr. Bogner and Mr. Mottershead turned down our request. More road blocks!

Why? If the USCF board majority and these men are so confident about their position, the data, and their conducts, why are they so afraid to allow us to get to the bottom of this? Don't they want to know the truth? Why are they doing everything in their power to block all the facts from coming out? We are the ones who said to release all information and evidence, including ours. I publicly challenged the entire board majority to engage in a LIVE debate session in front of all interested USCF members. Let's show the members all the evidence. They can introduce all the evidence they have and we will introduce all the evidence we have. I do not see any of them eager to release the facts. So the question is what are they hiding?

They can try to block this matter all they want but the facts will come out one way or another. We ran for the board to clean up the vicious and malicious chess politics. We will not back down to their tactics.

Best regards,
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  • At Friday, February 22, 2008 8:24:00 PM, Blogger Steve in TN said…

    What role does or did Hal Bogner have in the "investigation?"

  • At Friday, February 22, 2008 9:08:00 PM, Blogger SusanPolgar said…

    Quite a bit actually, including Chess Magnet School. It is a lot deeper that what have been discussed in various forums. But due to the legal situation, I cannot discuss it.

    He knows what he did and all I want is a public apology from Mr. Bogner and CMS. But if he refuses and pretends that he had done nothing wrong, I will have no choice but to push this matter forward with him and his company.

    Best wishes,
    Susan Polgar

  • At Sunday, February 24, 2008 12:50:00 PM, Anonymous Quotes from his honor Lafferty said…

    His honor Lafferty, a man who hardly plays chess, a man who is quite liberal with the use of profanity, vulgarity and insults, is cheering for another frivolous lawsuit (from Ray Gordon) to harm the USCF. Here are some of his chilling quotes:

    "...I think this complaint is going to survive most motions to dismiss. This one isn't going away quickly, IMO"

    "Can anyone confirm that the complaint has been filed with the court in the EDP? Thanks."

    "A notation on the web site says it has been assigned to a judge. I suspect it has been filed. Bravo to the plaintiff!"

    "...At this point, IMMHO, bankruptcy would be the best medicine this organization could ever be given. Get a Trustee in Bankruptcy in and the EB out; freeze the assets; restructure the organization."


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