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Friday, February 01, 2008

More political games by the USCF

The latest nonsense by the subcommittee
by SusanPolgar on Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:07 pm

This email was just sent to the board by VP of Finance Randy Bauer:

Committee members,

Given the current legal issues surrounding Paul and the USCF, I make the following Committee motion and vote yes:

I move that the Committee recommend that Paul Truong's title as Vice President Marketing and Communications be removed.

I further move that the Committee recommend that Paul Truong be removed as liaison to any and all board or delegate appointed USCF committees.

Randy Bauer

This was my response:

You have no sufficient evidence for any of these charges. After more than four months of investigation and wasting tens and thousands dollars of USCF money, you still have nothing. The evidence which was sent to Mr. Kronenberger was more than enough to show that the report had the wrong conclusion.

- The board majority refused to allow our experts to examine the data for more than 4 months.
- The board majority refused to investigate wrong doings by the USCF contractors and members of the board majority.
- The board majority refused to investigate leaks of confidential information as well as the "unauthorized secret negotiation" between Jerry Hanken and Sam Sloan using confidential board information in the middle of a lawsuit.
- The board majority refused to open up all records for independent investigation.

The USCF is losing money and we have financial problems. Instead of focusing on promoting the USCF positively to gain more members and raise much needed revenues, you want to focus on this complete garbage.

But if this is the game you want to play, you may as well vote to remove my title as Chairman as well. If this board passes this motion to remove Paul and not me, I will also step down as Chairman since I am involved in this legal situation just like all seven members of the board including you.

I will help you publicize your votes since I am sure you want all members to know about your plans. While you are at it, do you want to vote to exclude us from the board meeting tomorrow and Sunday? What is next? You cannot have a double standard unless you know something I do not.

Susan Polgar

The USCF members will clearly see how the board operates and why so many members are disgusted with the USCF.

Randy Bauer voted yes.
Randy Hough voted yes.

Bill Goichberg voted yes.

Jim Berry voted yes.
Joel Channing voted no.

Can this really be a surprise to anyone?
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