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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stating the facts

Stating the facts

by SusanPolgar on Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:00 am on the forum

The following was issued by the majority of the USCF Executive Board last night to the NY Times:

"In asking for Mr. Truong’s resignation, the statement did not say whether the four members agreed that he had done what Mr. Sloan claimed. Instead, the board said Mr. Truong had not cooperated with a lawyer retained by the federation."

This is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. Answers and evidence were submitted to the USCF attorney. I was on the phone with the USCF attorney for a considerable length of time to discuss this matter and to answer his questions. If additional information was needed, we should have been asked. No one asked. I have an email from the USCF attorney confirming that he received the evidence. We were under the impression that everything was fine until last night after the statement has already been submitted to the NY Times. I can clearly document the time line step by step.

I cannot discuss this matter in details due to the pending legal issues. We followed the instructions of our attorneys, including the one who was assigned to us by the insurance company. All evidence will come out in due time.

Lastly, there have been numerous leaks of board confidential information from the 5 member sub-committee to various unauthorized people which can severely harm this federation in many ways. Some of the confidential information was told to Sam Sloan which can clearly effect the case for the USCF. These are the information that only the other 5 board members and their attorneys would know. We did not even know about it until after various stories were leaked out. We will make an official motion to investigate this type of inappropriate actions by board members shortly.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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  • At Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:10:00 PM, Anonymous USCF Lifer said…

    This was posted by the former Editor of Chess Life (Larry Parr):

    I seem to recall that Randy Hough was then on the board. Evidence later surfaced that both he and his pal Jerry Hanken, also on the board, were the ones behind the election hit letter that they accused GM Evans of mailing. In short, they tried to frame him.

    Their buddy Bill Goichberg instigated the investigation. The USCF DELEGATES NEWSLETTER, An Independent Publication of the Friends of the USCF (May-June 1993) reported:

    NEW WINDSOR, N.Y., April 12 -- In a telephone interview presidential candidate William Goichberg denied using poor judgment when pressuring the USCF Policy Board to allocate up to $1,000 to infvestigate five-
    time U.S. chess champion Larry Evans. If elected, Mr. Goichberg pledged to employ the same standards of judgment on other questions.

    "The only thing that I would do differently," said Goichberg, "is to investigate suspects at private expense, since we felt obliged to reimburse the USCF for the Pinkerton bills after the findings disproved my theory about Evans...I acted on the basis of a reasonable theory. The theory was obviously mistaken, but there was no attempt to manufacture evidence."

    This is not the first time that Bill Goichberg, Randy Hough and Jerry Hanken have been involved in this kind of investigation using USCF resources.

  • At Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:13:00 PM, Anonymous Posted by Larry Parr said…


    Wickster Deer tells us that the Board majority had to sink the knife into Paul Truong for fear of
    losing the USCF's legal insurance coverage.

    That may well be true.

    The other side of the coin is that when you are dealing with a politician such as Randy Bauer, who would cut the throats of cute little babies to advance his career in both real-life and chess politics, you want to avoid close association in any legal action as
    a co-defendant. It seems probable, given the animus informing the Bauerian afflatus, that he has posted under false names to attack political enemies.

    Mr. Bauer and his ilk would undoubtedly sacrifice Mr. Truong if a need arose. One fully
    understands why Mr. Truong might wish to keep his distance. The latter may indeed have a fiduciary
    responsibility to the USCF as a Board member, but he does not have a fiduciary responsibility to the likes of Bauer, Goichberg, Hough and Berry. He does not have to become -- in Lee Harvey Oswald's phrase -- a patsy, which is likely the fate that our Bauer has in
    mind for Mr. Truong.

    Larry Parr


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