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Friday, July 27, 2007

A new era for the USCF

Once again, I would like to THANK everyone who supported me and my team in this very difficult election. There have been times when I asked myself if it is worth it to face the daily attacks, insults and threats, especially from people who have never met me or know nothing about me. No one should have to face that and unfortunately, it has become a fixture in USCF politics for too long. This is one of the major reasons why the USCF lost so many members, volunteers, supporters and sponsors. This has to be changed.

Every time I was down, all I had to do was read your countless supporting posts and emails. You are the ones who energized me and you constantly reminded me that I was doing the right things. This is your election and we are in it together. I hope that our energy and enthusiasm will rub off on other federations as well. We must unite to succeed.

One of the first things that must be changed is the attitude. There should be no "It can't be done". There should be plenty of "How can we make it work?"

We have no time for personal vendetta. A lot of things have to be done to ensure that the USCF will improve and prosper. This federation should not be losing money year after year. We must be fiscally responsible and we must seek new revenue sources.

I am looking forward to meeting my colleagues in Cherry Hill. And for the big question that many of you have asked, would I accept the position of President if I have the support of my colleagues? Yes. I think that I can bring a lot to this federation within the US as well as Internationally. But this is the decision that my colleagues have to make.

Once again, here is my vision to a better USCF.

Thank you again and I am looking forward to meeting, talking and working with many of you in the future. I apologize if I cannot respond to each of your congratulatory email timely as the number is so overwhelming. But please be assured that I appreciate all of your support. And for those who did not vote for me, I will work harder to win your trust and support in the future.
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