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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Q & A with Paul Truong - Part 1

This is Mr. Jim Wilkinson, Chief of Staff of the US Treasury Department.

Q&A with Paul Truong (Part 1)

Q: In your opinion, who are some the most qualified candidates in this election?

A: Quite a few. Susan obviously would bring the most positive exposure, credibility and much more to the USCF. Mikhail will be a major asset for the USCF due to his ability to promote, organize and raise revenues for chess. Randy is very competent in what he does. Jim is my friend and he can also bring a lot to the table.

I have never met Stephen but he has excellent credentials. However, his skills can be helpful for the USCF with or without him being elected. I am sorry that we missed each other at the recent National Open in Las Vegas. Don also has a lot of experience but I think it is time for a new direction with the USCF.

Q: In which areas can you help the USCF?

A: A lot actually. Even though my strongest area would be management, I am not for micro-managing. Managing the USCF is the ED’s job. What I can bring is my expertise in Marketing, PR and Promotion. I can help find unique ways for the USCF to gain revenue sources which have not been tapped. I can also help bring the USCF membership level up. Another important area would be professionalism. These areas are badly needed.

Q: Bill Goichberg sent a very questionable election post card to the USCF members. Can you comment on that?

A: What can I say? I was shocked when I heard about it and I was even more stunned when I read it. He can say whatever he wants about me. But to put Susan Polgar in the same category as a convicted felon like Sam Sloan? Is that appropriate for a USCF President? What he said is completely false and he knows it. I am not sure why he did what he did but it's unfortunate that he did.

My professional references were always available to the USCF or for any credible sources. Bill knows this. In fact, one of the USCF staffer did verify my references. I consented of course. I have nothing to hide. However, I am not going to publish them for all to see. Why should I do this while no other candidate was asked of this? I have to protect my former employers as well as myself from unethical and destructive people. There are too many unprofessional and problematic people who are willing to do anything to harm others. Even though I do not work with these companies anymore, I still have many friends there and some of them are sponsors to chess. In fact, I was the ONLY candidate who insisted on having every board member / candidate furnished a verifiable resume. I was told no by Bill Goichberg and Bill Hall last year at the US Open in Oak Brook. They said it was illegal to do so. Therefore, it is wrong for Bill to be disingenious to the USCF members, especially as the USCF President.

My marriage was never a secret. Our friends and families knew about it. Thousands of people knew about it. When Bill asked Susan if we are married, she wrote a lengthy email explaining the reason why she didn’t publicize it in the media and she chose to tell people personally. This was not my decision. It was hers and I have to respec it since it was a matter of life or death to her and her kids. She copied other board members and some other candidates. Knowing this, Bill decided to mislead the USCF members for political reasons. It was very disappointing. Having said that, I still respect Bill for everything he has done for chess for many decades. But if I feel that he is wrong, I will say so.

Q: Why didn’t Susan or you respond to the countless vicious attacks and false accusations by some people on the USCF forums?

A: Do you think it would help if we responded? Does it really matter what we say? Most of these people have never met or know us. We do not have time to keep going back and forth with these people. Both Susan and I were active in the forums until legal threats and insults started and the AUG was abandoned. I believe that it was highly inappropriate for board members to vote to change the rules in the middle of an election.

Q: Why do you feel that you must be elected to be able to help the USCF?

A: Actually, I can help US Chess and the USCF even if I am not elected. I have done it for 5+ years already. But it would be in a different role. I can do a lot more if I am a board member, especially because no other candidates have my specific skills. These are the things I cannot do if I am not a board member.
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