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Thursday, February 21, 2008

More answers to Dietchess

- One side is clearly not telling the truth. That is why we asked for everything to be released for all USCF members to see. Then the members can make up their own minds. But the board majority wants to hide the facts from all the members. They cannot even answer simple questions to us without hiding behind their attorney. If they feel that they are right, I challenge them to engage in a public debate right here in the Chess Discussion ( LIVE chat room for all USCF members to see.

- If the board majority refuses to release the pertinent facts to hide their wrong doing, everything will come out in another venue. But one way or another, we will push for everything to come out. When some members of the board majority started to play games with our lives, jobs, children and families as well as personal safety, we have no choice but to do everything possible to protect ourselves. They have gone too far with their vicious and malicious political games and they will have to answer for their actions. Decades of the same old garbage must stop. Enough is enough.

- We have been advised not to discuss the evidence in public but in a proper venue. - How well the board will work together will depend on Mr. Goichberg and his board majority. We have repeatedly offered to minimize the damages for the USCF and get back on track to fix this federation. Our offer was refused. This is the Bill Goichberg show. Mr. Goichberg refused to remove himself from this investigation even though it is a blatant conflict of interest. We are still waiting for his public apology to end this matter and minimize further damages to the USCF.

- One of our platforms during the election is to clean up the destructive politics. The USCF will stand to lose over a hundred thousand dollars in various expenses and fees and potentially much more in damages because four people made horrendous decisions which put the federation in this predicament.

- If Mr. Goichberg and his board majority feel that the 10 points raised by Susan are false, he and his board majority are free to publicly deny or dispute all 10 of them.

Best regards,
Paul Truong
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  • At Thursday, February 21, 2008 11:52:00 AM, Anonymous Maximus said…

    Your proposal is unfair because their public lies will cost them big time in court. They can't get into a debate with you.

  • At Sunday, February 24, 2008 12:51:00 PM, Anonymous Posts by Tenn Vols said…

    Brain Lafferty does have clear and present malice towards the United States Chess Federation. If someone does feel it is a cheap shot at him, or, some other negative term: it is not my personal wish to degrade or undermine Brain Lafferty. It was pointed out by some that my statements dealing with Brain Lafferty were ad hominem in nature.

    What I find is the most striking with the current lawsuits, as the report that started the Fake Sam Sloan investigation has not received any support outside of the United States Chess Federation. Independent investigations at the governmental level and with other organizations have found nothing. In fact, the Texas Attorney General Office that ran an investigation is seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed. Even the debate within the United States Chess Federation Issues Forum with the recall campaign has gone cold with only old and long winded comments.

    They have made comments if Paul Truong resigns, the lawsuit will be dismissed and the recall campaign will be dissolved. Is it not strange they say my comments against Brain Lafferty were ad hominem when their actions against Paul Truong are not; their actions against Paul Truong and Susan Polgar have been more ad hominem then my comments with Brain Lafferty.

    There are a number of preexisting factors with these lawsuits, and forcing the United States Chess Federation into bankruptcy is one factor. In my personal judgment, the lawsuits to force the United States Chess Federation are the weakest as it is more as a mode of brinkmanship. The lawsuits are political in nature and such they are being done to get the United States Chess Federation Executive Board into the barging table then the courtroom.

    Still, the lawsuits do suppresses the memberships and suppresses the organizers. As debating the idea bankruptcy could happen because of lawsuits gives preexisting members and possible and current organizers to question the higher risk factor of bankruptcy. As a tournament director and a organizer that plans to organize events in Knoxville Tennessee with weekend tournaments with Category C events as early as 2010: debating bankruptcy does add higher risk factors. In fact, the current lawsuits and the current state of the United States Executive Board have made be put off from organizing the first event in 2009 till 2010 because of the risk factor.


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