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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some of the key issues

Here are some very serious issues which can potentially lead to many problems for the USCF:

1. Who leaked confidential board information to their circle of friends? Only 5 board members (Goichberg, Berry, Bauer, Hough and Channing), the ED and the attorney(s) for the board majority know the information. I am confident that Joel Channing and Randy Bauer did not do it. Then who did? Why did the board majority refuse to investigate? What are they hiding?

2. Did the board majority authorize a discussion / conversation with the insurance company to purposely try to persuade the insurance company to drop the coverage for Paul and me? Is this legal or ethical? Will the board majority publicly admit or deny this?

3. Who leaked confidential board information to Jerry Hanken and who authorized Jerry Hanken to negotiate with Sam Sloan while the lawsuits against multiple parties are ongoing? Did the board majority authorize this? Did the board majority seek permission from the USCF attorney prior to this negotiation? If so, did he authorize this? Will the board majority publicly admit or deny that this negotiation took place? Obviously someone from the board majority leaked confidential information to Sam Sloan because he is using some of this confidential information in his response to the motion to dismiss.

4. Who authorized the board majority and their attorney to investigate false charges against my husband and me which relate to my divorce / custody case? How did this even come up for discussion? This is my personal business and it has nothing to do with the USCF. Is this what board members are elected to do? Did the board majority use USCF money for this? Will the board majority publicly admit or deny that they tried to involve my personal situation into their political game?

5. Why did the board majority refuse to allow our experts to examine the USCF data? We asked for this since September 2007. We requested the same access to the USCF database as the contractors so that our own experts can examine the validity of the data as well as matching IPs of suspicious posters. Our repeated request was ignored. What are they hiding?

6. We pointed out a handful of suspicious handles and postings directly related to this case to the attorney and other board members. We asked them to investigate. This request, and others, have also been ignored or denied. Why? Isn't the USCF interested to find out the truth or is this just a political game?

7. We requested to have a thorough independent review of how this federation spends money. We need to know why we wasted money to revamp the website TWICE and how the contracts came about. Were there fair and open biddings? I never saw any advertisement in Chess Life or other publications. I would like to know who approved this and who we can hold accountable for the financial blunders. This request was also ignored. Isn't saving the USCF an important task?

I will continue to point out the facts and the members can make up their own minds. I am very confident that once everything is opened up, all USCF members can then determine who did what and what games were played. I stand by my earlier statements about complete transparency from all seven board members, the ED, USCF contractors, attorneys and related parties.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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  • At Thursday, February 07, 2008 4:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I believe the post by Dennis M. Taylor on the chessdiscussion board is worthwhile to be forwarded to the board majority. Succinct, yet complete.

  • At Thursday, February 07, 2008 6:23:00 PM, Anonymous USCF Lifer said…

    You raised many good points and I hope Mr. Goichberg will address these questions. It's a fact that he, Mr. Hough and Mr. Hanken have been involved in similar tactics against their political opponents in the past, including GM Evans. Mr. Goichberg has no business being a board member due to his severe conflict of interest in running a for profit CCA which directly competes against the USCF.


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