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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nearly $200,000 behind

According to the USCF, on a year to date basis we are operating at a loss of $146,512 compared to a budgeted profit of $50,794. That is nearly a $200,000 problem.

This is a quote from the financial head of the USCF:

"It becomes very obvious when comparing revenue that we are seriously behind and will be in a cash crunch going into the slow summer months. When comparing our cash balances last year to this year through March, we are behind over $175,000. We did well enough last year to have $150,000 sitting in CD’s the end of March. This year is a different story! If the excess cash was a result of the dues sale, the dues sales was obviously a success; however looking at our cash position today, we will suffer the consequences of the sale during the slow summer months and maybe for several more months into fiscal 2009."

First of all, I hope that the numbers are wrong. Secondly, I hope that things can be improved. Having said that, as I have stated a number of times before, the USCF is tragically heading down the wrong path. Even if we survive this fiscal year, what will happen next year or the year after? How can we expect different results when we keep on repeating the same mistakes year after year?

Instead of allowing Paul and I to use our expertise to help the USCF (which is why we ran for the board in the first place), this federation is wasting so much time and money for absolute nonsense and the same destructive political games continue. Not only that it is costly for the USCF, this federation is also losing out countless opportunities to raise much needed revenues and improve the many desperately needed areas. The executive board at this moment is completely dysfunctional with little leadership other than for political agenda.

TTU, UTD, UMBC, UTB, and other universities make things happen. So do the SPF, AF4C, KCF, Chess in the Schools, and many others. How much more obvious can it be that the USCF is continuing to head down the wrong path? What are the chances that the board majority will change direction and get back on track to focus on helping this federation? Only time will tell. There is not a single day since I have been elected that misinformation has not been spewed out there purely for political reasons by the same people.

No matter how these board members will attempt to spin this matter, most people will clearly see the on going problems for the USCF. All members can also clearly see what each board member has accomplished for U.S. chess and how much they have cost the USCF since they have been elected.

As I recently said to one long time respected USCF member, people do not have to like me or my vision for chess in America. If someone can do more or a better job, please do it. But if you cannot then do not stand in my way to slow down or harm the progress of chess for personal or political agenda. Stop wasting everyone's time with the constant garbage every single day. Unfortunately, this happens time and time again, election after election.

Now that I see how a USCF board operates with my own eyes, I can clearly say I can definitely see why the USCF has lost money in something like 9 of the last 11 years or 10 of the last 12 years. There is lack of direction and leadership. There is no quality control. There is little professionalism. And there is way too much waste, finger pointing, and destructive politics.

We are expecting to lose big this year and even more next year. At this moment, only one man can change the direction of this federation. The question is will he be able to put his ego and stubbornness aside to save this federation? I informed the USCF members of the current situation. There is no need for me to get involved in spins by others.

I will remind everyone of my position again. People do not have to like me or my vision for chess in America. If someone can do more or a better job then please do it! But if you cannot then allow me to help. This political destruction will only hurt the USCF and US chess.

So what is the bottom line? The bottom line is the USCF is behind by around $200,000 and it is expected to get worse and not better. So if the current direction is not cutting it so what do we do? Do we continue to this failing path and drive the federation to the ground or will we change direction?

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

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