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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The facts which cannot be disputed

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Subject Goichberg writes "The Answer(s) To The USCFs Problems"
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Subject: Re: Goichberg writes "The Answer(s) To The USCFs Problems"
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Hiding the investigation from the other 6 board members, refusing to step down from the subcommittee due to clear conflict of interest, then declining to allow our experts the opportunity to inspect the database to verify the data.

Refusing to take action against contractors who blatantly violated the NDA, even after it was confirmed that the NDA was clearly violated multiple times. Leaking confidential and legal information to Jerry Hanken and others by one of the board members (Joel Channing and Randy Bauer are excluded). You even clearly stated that you're aware that Jerry Hanken received confidential information and he used this to negotiate with Sam Sloan.

Voting 5-0 to authorize the attorney to interfere with our legal defense by contacting Chubb to try to cancel our insurance coverage which is highly unethical.

Not stopping your attorney from trying to investigate the bogus claim that Paul and I abused my children. These outrageous, vicious, and damaging charges which were proven completely false were then sent to multiple high level individuals at Texas Tech as well as the local media by one of your supporters to try to get me fired from my job.

Please feel free to deny them just as Jerry Hanken.

Susan Polgar


More than one week has gone by and President Goichberg could not dispute the facts which I presented. The board is also clearly hiding the full truth and only presenting to the delegates a small part of what took place to try to accomplish their political motive.

According to Mike Nolan, their expert never requested to examine any of the data. The board also refused to allow our own experts the opportunity to examine the data. They do not want the truth to come out. They also conveniently omitted the fact is both Paul and I were totally prepared to cooperate with the investigation. We were even willing to turn over Paul's laptop of the past 2 years. This is in addition to the evidence we have presented already. This is also against the strong recommendation by the lawyers representing us against the Sloan lawsuit.

The key conditions were:

- The investigation and verification MUST be done by an independent expert which both sides can agree on and not one who was handpicked by the board after the first independent expert suggested by Joel Channing gave a negative opinion. The board then went with another one.

- Once both sides provide this independent expert all the evidence, no board member can contact the independent expert or interfere with the process until the conclusion is reached.

- We also want to have the same access to the database so our own experts for verification.

The board obviously turned this down and wanted the entire process to be handled by their handpicked attorney. They also refused to allow us to release all the information which clearly shows that some of the current board members are behind the leak of confidential and legal information.

In the mean time, the board is protecting people who committed numerous unethical acts since it clearly will link them as well.

Instead of focusing on fixing the USCF, tens and thousands of dollars have been wasted while the USCF continues to lose revenues and money for the 10th time in the past 12 years.

Once again, I challenge Bill Goichberg to dispute any of the facts above and give consent for me to prove all the points I made above.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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