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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More facts about the USCF legal and financial mess

In a message dated 7/1/2008 9:01:13 A.M. Central Daylight Time, Chessoffice (Bill Goichberg) writes:

What "board act" do you have in mind?

- Hiding the investigation from the other 6 board members, refusing to step down from the subcommittee due to clear conflict of interest, then declining to allow our experts the opportunity to inspect the database to verify the data.

- Refusing to take action against contractors who blatantly violated the NDA, even after it was confirmed that the NDA was clearly violated multiple times.

- Leaking confidential and legal information to Jerry Hanken and others by one of the board members (Joel Channing and Randy Bauer are excluded). You even clearly stated that you're aware that Jerry Hanken received confidential information and he used this to negotiate with Sam Sloan.

- Voting 5-0 to authorize the attorney to interfere with our legal defense by contacting Chubb to try to cancel our insurance coverage which is highly unethical.

- Not stopping your attorney from trying to investigate the bogus claim that Paul and I abused my children. These outrageous, vicious, and damaging charges which were proven completely false were then sent to multiple high level individuals at Texas Tech as well as the local media by one of your supporters to try to get me fired from my job.

Please feel free to deny them ....

President Bill Goichberg was given the opportunity to deny these facts. There is absolutely no dispute by him.

More clear facts:

This was an admission by Brian Mottershead, the contractor who blatantly violated the NDA:

" were not a party to the discussions between me and USCF officials such as Bill Hall and Bill Goichberg before the information became public. After first encouraging me to pursue the investigation..."

I immediately called the USCF ED 9-10 times long distance from another country when I found out about it last September. This was before any board member was aware of the details or facts and before any report came out. According to both the ED and President, the only 2 USCF officials who knew were themselves.

I left multiple messages on the ED’s voicemail as well as through his assistant. I left the number of my hotel room. There was a specific reason why I did this. I wanted to let him know that something was not right, inform him of my exact location, and have him test something to catch the perpetrator. It was crucial that we did this right at that time when the perpetrator did not suspect it. We were willing to cooperate immediately to clear everything up.

He never returned my calls while he admitted that he was in communication with the contractor(s) about this investigation. In fact, I never had a chance to speak to him until many weeks later.

Bill Goichberg also confirmed the statement by the contractor. This matter was completely hidden by Bill Goichberg and Bill Hall from the other 6 board members. I immediately asked back in last September to allow our experts the opportunity to examine the data which was used for this "political" investigation. And since Bill Goichberg clearly acted on his own with his own political motive (he went out of his way to smear my reputation back in December 2006, asked USCF members not to vote for Paul and I, and wanted both of us out of the board), I asked for him to recuse himself in this investigation and I also asked to have our experts the opportunity to examine the data.

He rejected both requests. He wanted to be involved to make sure that his vote would tip the balance. He got exactly what he wanted. Multiple lawyers examined the NDA and concluded that the contractor(s) clearly violated the NDA and suggested to terminate the contractor(s) immediately. Bill Goichberg fought against it and protected them. He refused to go after any of the people in his camp.

Then confidential and legal information was purposely leaked by some of the board members directly to Mr. Jerry Hanken and their insiders to harm the other side. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As I stated before, now that I have the written consent from Mr. Jerry Hanken to release all the facts, things will start to come out to show the exact conduct of some of the board majority and why the USCF is in this financial and legal mess.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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