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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The pattern of the USCF

Another thing I would like to add is if Bill Goichberg wants to spend thousands of dollars for a private lawyer to go after his political opponents, he should pay for it from his own pocket or from CCA, not the pockets of the USCF and USCF members.

The USCF used to organize and run the prestigious US and US Women's Championships. How is it that the USCF still continue to lose money when the AF4C and Mr. Frank K. Berry took over the US Championships for the past number of years?

Where does the money which we saved from the annual championships go? Who is responsible for the massive losses? I want to know the answer and I am sure so do many USCF members. This is why the board is not interested in my idea of creating a "quality control" system to pinpoint the problems. It is much easier to cover up bad decisions, corruption and dirty politics without it.

I asked for a full investigation of leaks of confidential and legal information to Jerry Hanken, Sam Sloan and other USCF insiders. This is a very serious issue because the info is then being used to harm their opponents personally and professionally. This is the same pattern described by GM Lev Alburt, GM Larry Evans and many others over the years.

I also asked for a full investigation of blatant violations of the NDAs. Everything can be proven by opening up the confidential binfo but the board refused while the wrong doers are being protected by some members of the board majority. The board majority refused to investigate or go after their own people. They continued to protect the wrongdoers because the outcome would clearly implicate their own wrong doings because the leaks CLEARLY came from them.

Instead of working to help or fix the many problems of the USCF, they choose to play dirty chess politics. Now they are asking for donations to help the US Olympiad teams. Why? The answer is because money for this and other important areas was frivolously spent elsewhere for political reasons and personal agenda.

Until the board majority apologize and end this pattern of unethical and illegal conduct, I will continue to speak out to ALL USCF members and let them know what these people are doing. If they continue down this path, there will no longer be a USCF. More and more people will continue to walk away from the USCF in disgust.

Our assets and revenues are shrinking. We already cut 8 pages of Chess Life. The federation will probably lose more than $100,000 this year. How far will this continue? The USCF simply cannot survive unless drastic changes are made to fix and improve this federation.

Welcome to the "real" USCF!

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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  • At Saturday, June 28, 2008 10:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I joined the USCF in 1961 and became a life member 3-4 years later. Except for the names involved nothing has changed in USCF politics. Good luck trying to change policies that have been in place nearly 50 years if not longer! I remember Jerry from the days he lived in Ohio. Except for being a lot older he hasn’t changed either.


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