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Friday, July 04, 2008

Q&A about the state of the USCF

RoadRunner wrote:

"My hope is that Susan can have a solid slate to put up at the next election and that all her candidates will win in a landslide. That will finally provide the opportunity for fixing the problems at the USCF. American chess really needs Susan to lead the USCF."

It would certainly be a big improvement. However, these same corrupt, dirty, and destructive politicians can still cause havoc because they still have strong influence over many of the delegates. A very large number of delegates do not show up for the annual meeting. So basically they can stack the deck with their friends filling the seats. This happens every year. In one year, they spent more than ½ day arguing about a few dollars in dues increase or decrease.

Some of the current board members went out of their ways to lie and mislead some of the delegates recently to try to get them to sign the recall petition. I have a copy of their emails for court. They do not think twice about people’s reputation or livelihood. It did not pass and they will try again in a month.

There is virtually no repercussion for their unethical action other than having to drag the federation to court. Board members were caught forwarding confidential and legal information and the same information was used to attack and harm others. What was done about it? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! They will always refuse to go after their friends and political allies for gross misconduct and unethical behavior. Why? Because it is them who leaked it and they would never go after themselves.

Some of these people cannot say two sentences without insults and profanity. There is not an ounce of professionalism, the worst I have experienced in chess in 35 years. It is a good old boys network and they will hang on to the status quo and power for as long as they live. These are the kind of people who are in charge of the USCF and this is precisely why this federation lost money in 10 of the last 12 years and over $100,000 this year. They cover each other for their total failure and incompetence.

They have done almost nothing to help this federation. They could not care less about promoting chess or the USCF. In fact, they spend USCF members’ money frivolously like it is their own personal bank account. If the leader says left, they all vote left. If the leader says right, they all vote right. Once in a blue moon, one will vote differently in some insignificant issue so they can claim that they have independent minds.

There is no “quality control” system to pinpoint the problems. They do not want anyone to see where the problems are. The people who stand to benefit the most are the people are their biggest supporters. There is no open bidding system. People are awarded jobs and contracts for their political affiliation and loyalty. The current USCF system is a failed one and it is corrupt. It is ineffective and it has too much bureaucracy.

It would take less than 3 months to revamp the entire USCF and turn it into a vibrant, viable, and financially sound organization to meet the standard of the 21st century. It will never happen as long as these people have their claws inside this federation.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar
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