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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The same pattern of politics by the USCF

My response to Mr. LeMoine


I told Bill Goichberg, Randy Bauer, and Jim Berry that I will not reveal the damaging information to the USCF and other EB members because I put the best interest of the USCF first. Unfortunately, they continued to try to damage my reputation and they forced me to speak out the truth.

There is ZERO doubt that leaks were made to Jerry Hanken and other USCF insiders by some of the current board members. The chance of me proving the leaks is 100%. As I stated before, it is quite simple. Board members received confidential information. Some of the board members clicked "forward" to Jerry Hanken and other USCF insiders.

This is the pattern of unethical conduct which was pointed out by GM Alburt, GM Evans and others for decades. Obviously there was no Internet decades ago so they leaked info verbally. We all know that when someone clicked "forward", it shows where the email came from, the date, and time, etc.

What happened is once the confidential info was forwarded, some of these people then forwarded to others. Again, anyone can see all the info in the email. One of the people they forwarded the confidential info was so fed up with the dirty politics displayed by some of the board members.

These people have no regards for my personal or professional reputation. They have no regards for the welfare of my children. This individual then alerted me of what they are doing. This individual will most likely testify in court against these board members and the USCF.

Bill Goichberg and some other board members know who leaked the confidential info. They also know many other pertinent facts about this fiasco. They refused to act on any matter which can implicate them or their people with serious misconduct. They expect me to trust them and their attorney after he asked the board for permission to contact the insurance Chubb to try to cancel our coverage and the board voted 5-0 to allow him to do it. Amazing, isn't it?

The idea is to try to make us lose our insurance coverage so we have to spend money for representation and we may not have the same quality representation. This way it would put pressure on both of us to resign. Does anyone believe that this is ethical or legal? I would love to see Bill Goichberg and the board majority deny this. I would love to see them answer and explain to the delegates and all USCF members in August about everything they have done. Of course they could not deny so far because the 5-0 vote is recorded in confidential binfo along with other juicy stuff.

They also stood silence when their team wanted to investigate a bogus child abuse claim to destroy my reputation. This bogus info was then sent to my employers (to a number of individuals of the highest levels) as well as the local media. And they want to delegates to believe that we refused to cooperate because we have something to hide.

In fact, one of the board members personally wrote to various delegates with the same bogus information to try to convince them to sign the recall petition.

On the contrary to the misrepresentation they have been putting out there, the reason is simple. We know what they did and we do not trust them. We offered to have one / a team of independent expert(s) examine the entire case and come up with an opinion. (And by the way, Joel Channing came up with one famous expert who was in the NY Times not long before this took place. He wrote to the board about his opinion. The board did not like what he had to say. Therefore, they went with an expert who will give them a favorable opinion.) Once we can agree on this independent person, both sides will submit all the evidence to bolster their case.

The offer was if Paul and I are right, the entire board majority will resign. If we are wrong, we will resign. However, the condition neither side can contact this independent expert to interfere with the investigation. The last thing I want is for Bill Goichberg to interfere with this matter as he did from the beginning by hiding the entire investigation from the other 6 board members and protecting the contractors who blatantly violated the NDAs.

Of course the board majority refused just as they refused to allow our experts the opportunity to examine the data. Why are they so afraid to let our experts see it? And their expert also never examined the data as well. So $35,000 was spent on what? They have no case and they have nowhere to go.

I would have loved for the ethics committee to take on this case. This would have then given me the opportunity to provide all the evidence to show the truth without interfering with the Sloan lawsuit as clearly instructed by our attorneys several times.This is not about finding the FSS for Bill Goichberg. If he wanted to find the real FSS, he would have ordered a full investigation on the info we gave him which shows clear discrepancies. We showed him what to look for. Nothing was done.

It is clearly about Bill Goichberg being Bill Goichberg. He wants full control of the USCF and micro-manage it the way he wants it and he wants to get rid of people who do not support or agree with him. He told me straight to my face in Cherry Hill, NJ that it is his right, one which he felt that he earned after decades involving in chess, to be the President and he will do everything to get it.

It was never about the good of the USCF or chess. And before we came to Cherry Hill, agreements were made for him to be in at least a tie for the Presidency vote. This is why he sent out thousands of post cards and posted on his website asking people not to vote for me to be on the board.

And we can clearly see the results and assessing the current state of the USCF. I wrote to him and the board and offered him a chance to correct any of the things I stated. He cannot because he knows I have the goods to prove it.

It is time for all USCF members to see what goes on behind the scene and why this federation has failed so miserably for so many years. We cannot fix the federation unless we know the core of the problems. The people in charge cannot do the job but they refuse to step out of the way to let others come in to help save this federation. And they refused to get rid of dead woods and problems by setting up a “quality control” system. They know that this system would cost them the power and control.

As I said repeatedly, I am not like other people that they have dealt with so far. I ran for the board because I want to fix this federation and bring chess to the next level. The first and most difficult thing is to get rid of dirty and destructive politics. Then the next step is to get rid of the people who have held this federation back and bring in qualified people who can fix the many problems. Without changing the way how we do business, it is nearly impossible to turn things around. We have very little assets and room for errors. We cannot continue to lose money, members, and revenues and survive.

I will be very busy in the next two weeks. Therefore, I will not be able to post much.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

Zarathustra wrote: "If Paul Truong is recalled because he has not given his personal computer records to the Internet attorney, then the board majority is guiltier not releasing the same information. Paul Truong personal computer is his personal computer, the United States Chess Federation computer records belong to the members of the United States Chess Federation."

Actually, we would have no problem providing access to Paul's laptop (and other info), the one which he used in the past almost 2 years, the same one used in Mexico, to an independent expert and not the USCF attorney or the board.

I would never allow any possibility of tampering with the evidence. In exchange, we would like to have full consent by the board to release all information which we have to show clear misconduct / illegal conduct by some board members relating to this issue since September 2007.

Again, the offer is very clear. If the independent expert comes back saying that we did something unethical / illegal, we will both resign.

However, if we can prove that the board majority did something unethical / illegal, they would resign immediately to spare the USCF more damages.

On the other hand, if the expert feels that both sides did something unethical / illegal, all 6 board members would resign.

The ball is on their court.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

If the USCF continues this kind of pattern of conduct while this federation continues to lose (losing over $100,000 this year and 10 of the last 12 years), I have no choice but to let all USCF members must know the truth. I made my commitment to all USCF members when I ran for the board to stop the dirty and destructive chess politics. This is a monumental task but because those who have controlled the USCF for decades will not let go of their power and control. Unfortunately, if I do not do it, the USCF will continue to crash and burn.
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