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Friday, January 26, 2007

Membership Poll

There have been countless debates about the adult membership and printed vs. electronic Chess Life. Which do you prefer? Reading electronic Chess Life 1 week earlier and getting $12-$15 discount or printed version?


- Full price membership with Chess Life
- $12-$15 discount membership with electronic Chess Life
- Either is fine

Click to vote.
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  • At Sunday, January 28, 2007 10:45:00 AM, Anonymous Chicago Dude said…

    This artichoke guy is just as crazy as Sam Sloan. No wonder why he's supporting a criminal like Sloan. I wonder what they teach at MIT since he obviously didn't learn much. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • At Sunday, January 28, 2007 4:57:00 PM, Anonymous JH said…

    Sloan is the biggest disgrace in USCF history. It also makes me sick to see artichoke defending someone like Sloan. It says very little about the character of artichoke.


  • At Sunday, January 28, 2007 7:04:00 PM, Blogger Jack Le Moine said…

    This week the top finance people met at the USCF HQ. They announced that they project between a $50,000 deficit and a $10,000 surplus for the current fiscal year. (Non-Profit don't have profits or losses, by definition. They have "surpluses" or "deficits".)

    They also estimateed future cash flows. Based on that, they do not think that they will need to draw into the bank credit line.

    The next meeting of the Executive Board will be Feb. 3-4. Hal Bogner plans to use a webcam to broadcast the meeting on the internet. That means that anyone who wants to will be able to watch the meeting on their computer moniter live.


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