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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

USCF Motions by SP and PT

Motion: USCF Financials

Executive Board to direct and demand that the Finance Chair provide upon immediate receipt of monthly financial reports, copies of financial worksheets to all members of the Executive Board and Finance Committee.

Executive Board to direct and demand that the Finance Chair cannot selectively distribute financial worksheets to members of the Executive Board and Finance Committee.


Motion: Handling of Deferred Memberships

Executive Board instructs that the ED and CFO create, distribute, and implement a policy statement, supportive processes, and procedures for the handling of deferred memberships and to ensure an accurate monthly schedule is provided in tandem with monthly USCF financial reports.


Motion: Key Employee Insurance

At this time the only key employee truly identified that the USCF cannot operate without is Mike Nolan. Key employee insurance is reserved only for employees of an organization and not a contractor / consultant.

Seek to convert Mike Nolan to an employee and insure.

If not financially possible then enter discussions with insurance agencies to determine if Mike Nolan can acquire the insurance himself and bill the USCF for it. Prior to this occurring, the USCF must be given guarantees that the insurance agency would provide the coverage and make USCF a beneficiary.

Additionally prior to occurring factor in costs of the insurance being passed through by Mike Nolan, plus his consulting fees and determine if less than hiring him plus the direct cost of insurance to the USCF.


Motion: USCF Sponsorship Search Committee

Create a committee of volunteers (4 + 1 committee head) to execute processes for search of sponsors for USCF key events (national invitational and open tournaments are the first priority and specialized international events).

Tasks to include: creation of project plan with deliverables, dates, task responsibilities, execution of tasks, and monthly status reports to USCF EB liaison.

Deliverables to include but not be limited to: creation of marketing / positioning literature, target list of corporations to approach, 'elevator pitch', etc.EB liaison to be determined when this motion is voted upon.


Motion: USCF Website

Direct current web engineer, Hal Bogner, to create a project plan with deliverables, due dates, and hours estimates (+/- 10% of hours) for completing migration of the former USCF website to the current one.

Direct current web engineer, Hal Bogner, to create and submit a list of current defects / bugs with the website.

Direct current web engineer, Hal Bogner, to provide an end of week recap / status report of defect resolution and website progress through all time that his services are rendered to the USCF.


Motion: USCF Technology

USCF EB in conjunction with ED to analyze and take action within 30 days on the time and cost estimates provided by Hal Bogner (see Motion: USCF Website) to either continue services of Hal Bogner or terminate services and hire a part or full-time assistant to Mike Nolan. If decision to hire a part or full-time assistant to Mike Nolan is made, a job posting in Chess Life, Chess Life Online, and the USCF website to be made in addition with other non-USCF job posting locations.
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