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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Corruption and Bribery?

More facts about the potential bribery issue

Bill Hall, Bill Goichberg and the Board

I think that most of the Delegates were very disgusted with the approach that was taken to oust Paul and Susan. If there was any wrong doing it should have been sent to the Ethics Committee and had no place on the floor of the Delegates meeting. Proving a point with an "unbiased" ( ? ) attorney that was more of an attacking bull dog, questionable data from an associate of someone that may have been involved and facts that could have certainly been altered before the attorney saw them proved that the Delegates weren't going to just rubber stamp the accusations.

It is also pathetic that the President and Jerry Hanken conspired to give two unknowns money and delegates status just to win this vote. Actually a free entry for political reasons is the same as stealing from the USCF. Shame, shame.

After last Friday's conversation with Bill Hall, I understand that there is some doubt as to what I said. Sorry, folks, I DO NOT LIE!!!! But, I understand that the Board will now be vindictive toward me so I will accommodate you:I resign my Chair of the PPHBF ( I hope in favor of McCrary ), I will also resign from the Awards Committee and 2009 will be my last National Open. I will miss being MC of the Awards Banquet. But, there is life after chess.

That sums it up - except, hey, maybe your wrong!! I'm attaching an unbiased analysis of some of the postings that I hope you read and contemplate.

Reminds me of the movie " 12 Angry Men". I'll mail you all a copy.

Fred Gruenberg

Here is just a small sample of what took place (There are plenty more which directly link President Bill Goichberg, Secretary Randy Hough, and President of CJA Jerry Hanken). There are also other witnesses who are willing collaborate these charges. There are also additional physical evidence to back up the story.

In addition, I have asked to see the list of elected delegates and people who were certified on the spot Saturday morning. I also requested to see who certified these people. So far, President Bill Goichberg is stonewalling this process and Bill Hall refused to release this information without the authorization from President Bill Goichberg.

"If Bill (Goichberg) says "yes", you wouldn't owe anything to him."

"Come on Bill (Goichberg), I will go half on the airfare. There are so many good reasons to do this. Give it some thought. Just think what going half means to me and what it means to you. If we lose a critical vote, you will think of this. All the money you have given the USFCF will be in the toilet if we ultimately lose this fight."

"Could you get this done today ... I will pay."

" is important that you go on line today (when it is still July) and purchase a six month membership in USCF. It is $25 and I will personally reimburse you this money."

Please note that there are additional documentation and physical evidence which will be presented in due time. The above is just a very small sample.
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