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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dr. Korenman and UMBC

Dr. Mikhail Korenman visited Baltimore on Friday (May 25, 2007) to receive a $10,000 grant from the MD Department of Education. He also received a grant of around $250,000 a few years back for chess in Kansas.

International Educational and Cultural Services, Inc. formed a partnership with the University of Maryland - Baltimore County (UMBC) Chess Program and the Amburus Middle School to pilot-test a year-long program for middle school students in Baltimore County.

Dr. Alan Sherman, Director of the UMBC Chess Program, GM Marcin Kaminsky, Assistant Director and UMBC graduate student, GM Alexander Onischuk a graduate from the UMBC last week, and Dr. Korenman meet with the MD Department of Education staff and a Principal of the Amburus Middle school to discuss the program.

They are going to offer weekly lessons to the middle school student that would be delivered by the UMBC Chess Program participants. They are also going to do a number of educational research tests to measure students progress in general education and find out the role of chess instructions in this process.

The UMBC President sent his congratulatory message to Dr. Sherman and Dr. Korenman on receiving the grant.

This is why I ask you to vote for Dr. Korenman. He is a force behind scholastic, college, adult and professional chess. This is a critical component for the USCF and no other candidate can offer this expertise.

Congratulations to Dr. Korenman and UMBC!
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