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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oklahoma conflict resolved

I am very pleased to report that Jim Berry, President of the Oklahoma Chess Foundation (OCF), and Chuck Unruh, President of the Oklahoma Chess Association (OCA), have reached an agreement to end the conflict that has existed in Oklahoma Chess since 2003.

The agreement was reached after a meeting in Stillwater Thursday night which included 20 members of both OCF and OCA, and subsequent discussions over the weekend between the two Presidents, and includes the following:

AGREEMENT Approved by the OCF and OCA Policy Boards Jim Berry, OCF President will:

(a) Welcome all USCF players to OCF tournaments, with equal treatment regardless of any and all affiliations with other USCF organizations in good standing.
(b) Acknowledge and affirm the OCA as the rightful State Chapter Affiliate and their duties and responsibilities.
(c) If elected to the USCF Executive Board, recuse myself from any USCF EB vote, action or discussion whatsoever that would adversely impact the OCA.
(d) Remove hostile wording in the OCQ.

Charles Unruh, OCA President will:

(a) Introduce and support a USCF ADM that strongly encourages all state chapter affiliates to have a minimum voting age of at least 16, the requirement used in USCF elections.
(b) Remove speculation regarding post-USCF election activity by Jim Berry on OCA website.
(c) Encourage OCF to bid for the 2008 State Championship and collect OCA dues.

Both parties will work for the following:
(a) OCF and OCA State Champions will be dual listed on both websites.

Agreed to on this 23rd of May in the year 2007.

Bill Goichberg
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