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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I will do more!

Painting by my sister Sofia

To the many of you who constantly give me words of encouragement to fight the destructive chess politicians who held US Chess and the USCF back for years:

Thank you! I can assure you that some of these people have picked the wrong battle with the wrong person. I remember when I was a little girl playing chess. People used to be just as mean and vicious. Many did what they could to discourage me from playing chess. Not only I did not quit, it motivated even more to work hard in my game every single day and I ended up breaking one barrier after another.

When I decided to help US Chess and the USCF back in 2001-2002, I faced a similar thing. Their questionable actions and detrimental conducts motivated me to do more and more and I did not quit. When I decided to run for this upcoming USCF Executive Board election, I knew it would be difficult. But seeing what I have seen in the past few months, it is worse than what I could have imagined.

Now I understand the many problems within the USCF for decades. Some of these people would sink to any level for their own agenda. The best interest of the US Chess and the USCF is the last thing on their minds. They constantly try to chase the best talents that want to help this federation instead of embracing them.

I am not going anywhere. I intend to stay and fight all the way. Chess is my life and I love what I do. Chess and politics do not mix for me. I am willing, ready and able to continue putting 150% of my energy and efforts for chess. One way or another, things will be fixed and these destructive people will just be a distant memory.

President Kennedy once said: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country!"

I can do more for US Chess and the USCF. I will do more for US Chess and the USCF. And yes, I will do everything in my power to unite everyone for the benefits of chess.

Thank you for your kind words and support!
Susan Polgar
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  • At Thursday, March 22, 2007 2:45:00 PM, Anonymous Tim Harris said…

    Dear GM Polgar,

    You have my vote! Yet, I'm concerned over an issue that both me and several Correspondence Players (Master, 2200+) have discussed. I would would, respectfully, request your stance...or opinion as you'll have a lot of things to deal with once I think you will be.

    First, the general topic:

    American Correspondence Chess players.

    The problem: The ICCF virtually ignored U.S. CC Champion to play for the World CC Championship (I can provide details upon request...just trying to make this short due to your busy schedule).

    The seldom offer newsletters in English. Why? The U.S. has a new Correspndence Chess Champion...Senior Internation Master Duliba but he isn't offered a spot in the world title match despite being the U.S. champion?

    I know a lot of people frown upon Correspondence chess as "not real chess." They say we're full of "cheaters" that use computers to do the work.

    Not true. Period.

    You, GM Polgar, have my utmost respect. I know you're dedicated to our sport.

    I ask you, though, can you/or will you find the time when you are elected to the USCF Board to confront the ICCF.

    If you need facts, then they exist. The ICCF is not even allowing our newest U.S. Champion to compete for their World CC title.

    Is this fair?

    Chess is many things. But, this is pure discrimination to keep our (i.e. the U.S.A) best CC players out of the World CC title match hosted by the ICCF.

    Correspondence play (or Email, or webserver) is the most convenient method for so many chess players in America.

    You don't have to respond. I know you're busy.

    But please recognize my and so many other chess players' love for correspondence play.

    Take a stance with the ICCF!

    The ICCF will listen to you as you are GM Polgar! I'm sick of hearing people not taking CC players seriously because they thin we all "cheat."

    Well, the subject of "cheating" has now even infiltrated the ranks of GM Kramnik and GM Topalov....along with other OTB GM's.

    So, my hopee is that both OTB and CC players (as they're many) will plaay both.

    This might not mean a lot to you but it mean s LOT to the many USCF CC players and a message needs to be sent to the ICCF that, in essence, if you win fairly, you shouldn't be descriminated against just because you're an American.

    We chess players can't control politics. Hence, the ICCF shouldn't treat all Americans as if we're "second class" chess players.

    It's politics....and I don't like it...and, also, you say that you don't like "chess politics."

    All I ask is that you, as a future USCF board member, PLEASE tell the ICCF that any American (including you, GM Kamsky, or any American GM can play...and win....the ICCF World CC Title!

    It takes but one Email. I hope you find the time to send one to the top ICCF officals that American chess players shouldn't be punished due to what's happening in Washington.

    All chessplayers, regardless of nationality, should be recognized by her/his skills.

    If you need evidence, empirical proof, or any type of proof that the ICCF makes is more dificult for a U.S. Champion to play for the world CC Title, then I can provide it along with dozens of other 2200+ rated CC players.

    You're the only hope, I truly believe, that American Correspondence Chess has in the realm of competing for the ICCF's world championship.

    Please, GM Polgar, take a stance on this. You can send at least one Email to the ICCF and let them know that you support American CC players....and all CC players for that matter.

    I know you're too busy to keep up with all aspects of chess...Correspondence/webserver play included.

    But, I know you believe in chess and that you believe that CC is good for those that can't play OTB. Chess is chess and we love it.

    Let the ICCF know that you support the chance for SIM Duliba to play for the World CC Title.
    It doesn't matter if one loves or hates Correspondence Chess.

    According to the rules, he earned it. So, why shouldn't an American be able to AT LEAST COMPETE for the world title?

    I'm so frustrated with the lack of CC attention. I'm not a world class player. But, if there was only one (i.e. you) that, at least, in writing supported the concept that not all CC players are "cheaters" and that it is REAL chess, then it would mean a lot to many...especially military members.

    You are passionate about chess. You've devoted your life to the promotion of our sport.

    So, I am devoting myself to this aspect of chess...correspondence (or webserver or Email...whatever one desires to call it) play.

    It is "real" chess. Please let your stance be known and stand up to the ICCF.

    They will listen to GM Polgar. They will ignore a class level player. Please try.


    Tim Harris


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