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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Horrendous Idea!

I recently read the latest unofficial summary of the last board meeting in Monrovia, California. There were many ridiculous items that the entire board had waste time on due to one destructive board member. To make matters worse, the board is planning to schedule to have their next board meeting at the National Elementary Championship in Nashville, Tennessee later this May. Here is the link to the summary:

This is the exact quote: "The next Executive Board meeting, originally scheduled for the first weekend in May has been rescheduled to be heldthe second weekend in May in Nashville's Grand Ole Opry Hotel, the site of the National Scholastics."

I, as a Chess Mom, will not bring either of my children to this event if the board decides to play politics and have their next meeting at this National Scholastic Event. Mr. Sloan should not be anywhere near the children, especially when he just posted a link to a porn site where USCF young members have full access to. So much for putting the best interest of chess and our kids first instead of politics as usual! If the board wants to hold their meeting in Nashville, fine. But it should not be in the same venue as a National Scholastic Event.

I have banned Mr. Sam Sloan to the Polgar Chess Center. I have banned Mr. Sam Sloan, a current USCF board member, to all events organized by the Susan Polgar Foundation. I would never allow my children to be in the same room as Mr. Sam Sloan for security reasons. This is a man with a very disturbing past. I hope that parents will write to the Executive Director Bill Hall (, Scholastic Director Jerry Nash ( and USCF President Bill Goichberg ( and tell them not to involve our children with their politics!Shortly after this post, USCF President Bill Goichberg posted the following response:

"At the last meeting I objected to meeting in Nashville, and as a result the date and location of the meeting were unresolved when we adjourned. About ten minutes after adjournment, most of the Board unofficially agreed to meet the first week in May in either Florida or Crossville. Recently there has been a new development; Frank Berry has invited the Board to meet at the US Championship in Oklahoma. I think this is a wonderful idea and much prefer it to meeting two weeks earlier in Florida or Tennessee. Bill Goichberg"

Thank you Bill for the correct objection. It is important to put the best interest of chess and our children before questionable politics.

Here is another response by USCF President Bill Goichberg:

"Hi Jack,
Truth is, the main reason I objected was that I knew bringing Sam to a National Scholastic was a poor idea, but I didn't want to say so in open session as he was relatively well behaved at the meeting and it might have appeared to some as an unprovoked attack. After we adjourned and I told the other Board members this, they readily agreed that meeting in Nashville was out. You can post this on Susan's blog if you wish.
Thanks for writing,
Bill Goichberg"

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  • At Sunday, March 11, 2007 8:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    All this is based upon the unofficial board minutes.

    It is quite clear, when listening to the actual audio of the board meeting, that President Goichberg did not concede to the next board meeting being at Nashville. You can also hear the other board members saying that they would discuss it by email during the next week.

    This is can be heard by anyone at the following link:

  • At Monday, March 12, 2007 2:57:00 PM, Blogger sdo1 said…

    I have to disagree and it is my opinion that it is you, even if unintentionally, who has made this a political football. It strikes me as convenient that you would claim unethical actions for political reasons on the part of others when you are using your own children to make a political point in this very discussion.

    First, the board never agreed that the meeting would be in Nashville.

    Second, children will be wherever Sloan goes. It is the primary responsibility of parents to keep their children from harm. This is all supposing he represents a danger to children at the event and that is a subject far from resolution.

    Third, I had been trying to free up time to volunteer for this event. If, as you imply, you would boycott the event I would be inclined to wish you good day without further thought.

    Steve in TN


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