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Friday, February 23, 2007

The view from a USCF Life Member

I am new to US Chess Forums. I have been a member of USCF for over 10 years. This is my first post on US Chess Forums. I like what Paul says. I want to vote for a person like him. He sounds like a true professional who is willing to give to chess. My kind of candidate.

I feel we all should be grateful that a person of Paul's ability is willing to help chess. Of course I have to review everyone with an open mind before my final choice of who to vote for. I just arrived. This is the first thread I have read. Sounds good to me. Thanks for helping chess Paul. I appreciate that. We need help. I always read good things about you. I feel strongly that you will get one of my votes.

Thank You Paul

It has taken me a long time to get over here to the forums. I have been a long time uscf member. I very strongly support the Susan Polgar team. I read the opening posting here about some candidates being good chess players etc,

I am a business man. I do not think that being a good chess player qualifies for EB. What is needed by USCF is strong corporate sponsorship and money coming into uscf. The team that Susan has put together will do just that.

I have not personally met any of the 10 candidates. However, I have been reading about them for a long time. I get the feeling that Paul Truong can help chess maybe even more than Susan Polgar. Paul is a super professional. He is the kind of person that we need on the EB. Mikhail is another person who will help get solid sponsors. Randy Bauer everyone likes.

I say for the last 50 years the USCF has wallowed in the mud. Now for the first time we have an opportunity to elect a really professional group to give them a chance to turn chess in American into a profession. I say lets give them a chance. We need to have all 4 of them elected so they can do the greatest good.

I guarantee that their election will not be worse than what I have seen over the years.

I am not going to vote for chess players. I am going to vote for people that can run the USCF Professionally and raise serious sponsorship money for chess. I hope everyone will join with me and vote for all 4 of Susan Polgar's slate. Let us stop playing games with chess in America. Let us give 4 great professionals a chance to show what they can do.

Susan, Paul, Randy, Mikhail is the team that will turn USCF around into a professional organization with money and sponsorships. Let's do it right. Let's take advantage of the talents of these 4 professionals.


This is my 5th post. I just noticed my USCF number is posted. I bet very few people have a lower number than mine. I have been on the chess scene for a very long time. John Curdo must have a lower number. LOL.

Anyway chess is ready for some real change and some real action. Susan Polgar is our best opportunity for that to occur. She needs all 4 to be elected so she can accomplish the task given to her. I hope everyone votes for her and her team.

I just want to make a few statements of gratitude.

I am very grateful that USCF allows all members to vote for EB. I believe that is an important post and when I first joined USCF back some 35 years ago, we were not allowed to vote.

I have watched USCF for some 35 years. Back when I first joined one of my major desires was to see chess having the professionalism that would allow chess players to be professional. I wanted to see chess players making the same kind of money as baseball players and other athletes. I wanted to see lower rated but good players able to make a good living by teaching chess. I wanted to see a US that appreciated chess in all its wonderful aspects.

I wanted other things like the ability to watch major chess events like the fischer spassky match live on tv with good commentary.

My one big desire back in 1970 was to see the USCF hire a full time person to get sponsors for chess events. In the early 1970's with the Fischer boom, the public was ready for chess. The sponsors should have been easy to convince to sponsor chess events. However, the USCF did not seem to be able to get its act together and get any sponsors. I could not understand that. It seemed so simple to do.

Over the years I have seen no progress or very little progress in uscf in terms to making chess a professional sport and gaining sponsors.
Today from my perspective of 35 years of seeing no real progress I have lost faith in the leadership of uscf. I know they are all good people. But we need more chess promotion.

I see a tremendous chess promotion happening today because of the efforts of Susan Polgar. She is doing an incredible good job. Her blog is kept up to the minute with interesting chess information and I get to see so much professional chess promotion and her ability to get sponsorship for chess. America has never had such a person. No one can compare to Susan Polgar in making chess popular after of course Bobby Fischer. Although Fischer did not get things organized. Polgar does organize chess.

I see today as a rare opportunity to put the most dynamic person at promoting chess into a leadership position within the USCF. I want everyone to appreciate this opportunity and to grab it. Please do not let this opportunity pass us by.

Will Susan transform chess in America if given the chance. Well I believe she has a good possibility of doing just that and I also very strongly believe no one else has that possibility today. I believe it is important that she come into USCF EB position with the power to carryout her policies and her ideas to transform chess into a professional sport with many strong sponsors.

There is no sense in bringing her in and then leaving her with no power to carry out her ideas. Therefore I see it as very important that her slate of 3 other candidates also be elected. It is just as important that Paul and Randy and Mikhail be elected as it is to elect Susan. With these 4 in place, there will be no excuses for failure. They will have the responsibility to fix USCF and the power to carry out that assignment. Only by electing all of them can we accomplish what we are setting out to accomplish.

I read on this forum all kinds of negative things. I want to avoid the negative by simply voting for Susan and her entire slate.

Let us look at the remote possibility that Susan might fail. Well we have failed for 35 years. All other paths are guaranteed to failure. So we really risk nothing. Things will not be worse with the Polgar group then with other people. Therefore the only way to have a chance for big time positive change is to have Susan with all her slate elected by a landslide to the EB and give her and them full support to change things.

This is where I stand. I am going to ask everyone here to help me get her elected. Please add your posting ideas about how we can get them elected.

Those who wish to post opposing my idea or who want to be negative on my ideas. I ask the moderators ahead of time to please simply delete all those posts. I hope this thread will remain positive and successful in coming up with ideas to make sure Susan Polgar and her entire slate is elected to the EB this coming election.

I must add that I am so very grateful that Susan Polgar a former incredible Womens World Chess Champion has decided to live in America and work so hard to help promote chess right here. We in America are so lucky. All of us should be so grateful for this lucky opportunity of a lifetime. Please support Susan for the good of chess in America.

I also ask all of the other 6 candidates for election to drop out of the election and throw their support to Susan. If all 6 opposing candidates drop out then we will have a united USCF working toward the goal of a united professional chess association with the goal of getting as many good sponsors as possible into chess. I will be very grateful to all candidates who can put their personal desires aside and drop out of the election for the long term good of chess in America.

Thank You
USCF Life Member

A response by Paul Truong

Thank you George for your confidence. However, I think it would give a much bigger message when we have a fair election with all the candidates. The USCF members can then speak up through their votes. They can send a loud and clear message that the status quo is just not acceptable any more.

Many of us will work hard to get out the votes. If we are fortunate enough to earn the trust of the USCF members, I can assure you that we will not let them down as others in the past. We have our lifetime professional reputation on the line and that is why we will not engage in these relentless destructive political games. It is time we put the best interest of US Chess and the USCF first!

Thank you again! Please help us get out the votes!

Best regards,
Time to clean up the USCF!
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  • At Friday, February 23, 2007 11:07:00 PM, Blogger Jack Le Moine said…

    Don Schultz has posted an important statement on George's thread at the USCF Forum (whence these letters originated). I commend him for doing that. I hope he posts it here, too. It is good that even the most diehard Susan supporters (like me) see different points of view.

    We can't have a healthy discussion about US Chess affairs without it.

    P.S. If he does not, then I recommend the reader go to the USCF Forum and view the it there.

  • At Friday, February 23, 2007 11:34:00 PM, Blogger chessdon said…

    People, chess in the USA and the USCF compares pretty good with that in most countries. I speak from knowledge, having visited federation headquarters on all continents and attended more FIDE Congresses than most and perhaps any American

    I just played in the Amateur Team East – What a great event! I doubt there is a tournament like it any where in the world. My hat goes off to Steve Doyle and the other organizers who year after year organize that marvelous tournament.

    Have you ever been to one of our national scholastic tournaments? So many teams competing, dedicated coaches. I know of no comparable tournaments anywhere in the our national scholastic events. Our scholastic leaders that organize these events are doing a terrific job.

    Go to any Olympiad and you will marvel at the comraderie among our teammates. I remember a statement by GM Gata Kamsky immediately after the US team in Calvia, Spain was awarded the Bronze medal: “I’m proud to be a member of the US team!”

    We have fair elections. They aren’t so fair in many other federations where bribes and cheating are the rule and not the exception.

    Our TDs are definitely among the best in the world.

    The world rating system, where did it come from?? The USCF of course.

    Go down to Miami sometime and visit the Sid Samole Museum and the US and World Hall of Fame. It is, as far as I know, unmatched anywhere in the world.

    YES, we have our share of problems and problem people too. And yes, some, perhaps most but not all of the criticism here and elsewhere on the Internet is justified.

    What got me started on this was the contention by George that only Susans’ ticket should run in our elections and others should step down. Elections are a chance for healthy debate. It’s an opportunity to hear two sides of an issue and choose whom we are to vote

  • At Saturday, February 24, 2007 8:09:00 AM, Anonymous JJ said…

    I hold Don Schultz and Sam Sloan accountable for financial losses. Schultz refuses to take actions against Sloan. Sloan leaks confidential information to harm his opponents while Schultz sits back and does nothing. I would rather vote for anyone else but those two.

  • At Saturday, February 24, 2007 1:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    America is so rich a country. More millionaires in America then the rest of the world combined. Our companies are so rich. Some now make over a billion dollars in profit every quarter. We have people on Wall Street who are given Christmas bonuses of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Over the last 35 years what single company has been asked by USCF to be a chess sponsor. What company was brought into the fold of USCF Sponsorship by the EB members.

    If anyone reading this is now or has ever been on the EB of USCF then I ask you. What sponsor have you brought into the USCF fold.

    I will tell you why no one has brought in a sponsor. It is because the executive rooms are not open to you. Make a phone call and they will not invite you in to ask for money.

    I believe Susan Polgar has the reputation that will open the doors to corporate America to chess. She is the only person who has that opportunity. Susan already is friends with more people in power in usa then all the other candidates combined.

    Wake up. This is the critical election.

    I accept that having many candidates gives time for debate. But we have debated long enough. Now it is time to join together into unity. Only in unity can we prosper. There are deep reasons for success in unity.

    I will ask all members who are running for the EB opposed to Susan Polgar to state what they have done to bring sponsorship money and sponsorship corporations into the chess family. If they have done any then it is minor.

    We have no major sponsors. The present board threw away AF4C. So all present EB members are disqualified from getting my vote this election.

    We can run the uscf as a amateur non profit organization for years to no effect. Struggling every day to make ends meet. Or we can turn the reigns of power over to that person who is best qualified to make a major difference.

    There are many examples in history of people who have united warring factions and brought great success. Ghandi and Martin Luther King are 2 such examples. They were successful because they united the warring factions. Not into total unity but into a unity that was good enough to get things accomplished.

    I dont expect everyone to have 100% unity but I do hope that people will join together knowing that together we can get so much accomplished.

    I was shocked to read my posting over here. But I read it slowly and agree with every word. The time for fighting and discussion is over. We must now take a little time for unity. Susan is definitely the one candidate that can have a chance to turn chess into a professional sport. Let us all put our personal ego to the side and join for the greater good. I have done that. I do not agree with every tiny breath of Susan. But I put my personal view aside and support her because I know she is the one candidate that gives chess the opportunity to finally find our place in society as a professional sport.

    I am not going to tell Susan how to run her show. But I will feel good if she has someone full time with responsibility to contact all the corporations in the usa to get sponsors somehow. I dont know how to get the sponsors. But it will take work and having someone with the responsibility and duty to get the job done. Being full time will certainly increase our chances of success.

    I have full confidence that the team already has plans and knows how to get the sponsorship job done.

    I say give Susan and her team the job and then get out of the way and allow them to get to work.

    USCF Life Member

    I love chess. I have never met Susan or any of her team. I have never talked to them. I know they only through reputation and mostly this internet blog of Susan. Of course I remember reading about her as a little girl doing so well at chess. I admired and wanted her to always win at chess. Now I am so lucky that she has come here to America to help all of us.

    Thank You Susan for just being the person that you are. You will need to make important decisions. I recommend you simply go inside into your inner self and your inner self will guide you in the correct decisions. Just always be who you truely are.


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