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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The highest level of sportsmanship

In the Open Section of the Susan Polgar National Open Blitz Championship, 2 players tied for first with the score of 5-0 going into the final 6th round. FM Paul Truong obtained a winning position and he was a full minute up on the clock. While trying to launch a knockout attack, he miscalculated and his sacrifice backed fire. He ended up losing material.

Then the players ended the game with lightning speed. On move 79, Paul made his move and his opponent ran out of time. His own clock showed only 0:08 (less than 1 second)! As he pointed out the time forfeit, his opponent captured his last pawn. Since the sequence was so fast, there was a short moment of confusion in regards to if the time ran out before the final capture.

However, there were 3 TDs present and witnessed the action as this was the championship game. All 3 TD unanimously agreed that time did run out before Paul's opponent captured the last pawn.

His opponent was very distraught because he missed a draw by less than second and by 1/2 move. Seeing this, he turned to the TDs and asked that since this was not a USCF rated event and only a fun event, can he offer his opponent a draw?

The TD basically said that it would not be allowed IF it would have been a USCF rated event. However, since this was only a fun event, he can do it if he wishes. Paul then graciously turned to his younger opponent as said: "You fought great and deserve at least a draw on the board. I offer you one."

The draw was accepted.

One of the spectators said that this was the highest level of sportsmanship that she has ever witnessed in chess. She also said that this was a great lesson for her students to see as she is a scholastic chess coach for one of the most famous chess teams in the country. Many others also agreed and so do I.
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