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Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Candidate Statement

I love chess and it pains me to see so many problems with the USCF in recent years. I would like to change that.

The current state of our federation is not healthy! Sponsors do not want to deal with us. Supporters are tired of our internal political destruction. Some board members have violated the USCF code of ethics as well as the members' trust.

Here are some of my areas of focus for the USCF:

- Restore respectability, integrity, credibility and professionalism to the USCF.
- Re-establish a sound and balanced budget.
- Develop strong cooperation and support for adult, scholastic, collegiate, correspondence and military chess.
- Establish a strong professional marketing and PR system.
- End the petty and destructive politics.

In the upcoming months, I will discuss many important issues at Please join me in this mission to reform the USCF.

Thanks for your support!
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  • At Saturday, February 17, 2007 7:21:00 PM, Anonymous Tim Harris said…

    Dear GM Polgar,

    As a candidate to the USCF Board, I hope you will find the opportunity to express your opinion on the following issue that I, along with many corespondence chess ("CC") players within the US have great interest in. Questions are as follows:

    1.) Chess Life editor Daniel Lucas responded to questions about coverage of correspondence chess in "Chess Life" magazine during The USCF Correspondence Chess Workshop held on Wednesday August 9, 2006.

    The column, authored by NM Alex Dune entitled, "The Check is in the Mail" was cancelled as part of his scheme to "overhaul" the structure of the magazine.

    My question to you: Do you agree with Mr. Lucas's removal of the "Chess Life" column "The Check is in the Mail" by NM Dunne? Why or why not?

    2.) What will you do, if elected, to support USCF Correspondence Chess, its many tournaments, and help improve the status of CC within the USCF and the USA, in general?

    I thank you for your consideration of this topic since, as a prospective board member, your status as a world reknown GM, a former World Champion, can improve the status of CC play in the U.S.

    I know there are more pressing issues that you, if elected, must deal with immediately. CC isn't one of the most pressing. Yet, it is still important to many USCF members.

    Your opinion will be most appreciated as I see you as the best, most qualified, well-known, and true chess devotee as compared to the other fine candidates.

    and for those worried about the use of computers in USCF CC play (forget about other organizations, that is another issue...GM polgar is running for the USCF Board), we can face this issue in an open forum or any number of methods to obtain opinions from many people.

    3.) Neither CC nor computers will go away. Therefore, a constructive dialogue as to whether the USCF should move toward the ICCF's stance (which is mere silence on the issue of computer use), maintain the current ban on computer use, or pursue a third "hybrid" alternative. If elected, how will you pursue the issue of computers and USCF correspondence chess play/tournaments?

    Thank you.

    Most Sincerely,

    Tim Harris

    P.S. Since you are quite busy at the moment should you desire to wait and answer my questions later, then just Email me at

    Happy Chess!



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