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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summary Judgment Motion Filed

While the USCF's held insurance to defend against lawsuits, the USCF is now approaching insolvency (it is now apparently imposing a four-day workweek for USCF employees and has set up a legal defense fund) because of the affirmative lawsuits it has filed against Ms. Polgar both here and in Illinois. Both suits have cost the USCF, based on the USCF's latest financial report, nearly $600,000 in legal fees over the past two years.

Case No. 3:08-cv-05126-MHP

The full filing can be downloaded here:

The individuals who are responsible for this kind of unauthorized spending which puts the USCF in a dire financial situation are Bill Goichberg, Jim Berry, Bill Hall, Randy Hough, and Randy Bauer.

There are 8 candidates in the current USCF EB election who support these unauthorized lawsuits which cost the USCF hundreds of thousands of dollars (which caused the USCF to approach insolvency). They are Bill Goichberg, Jim Berry, Mike Atkins, Ruth Haring, Mike Nietman, and Brian Mottershead, etc.

The only 3 candidates who opposed violating the bylaws and advocate for a responsible and professionally run USCF are IM Blas Lugo, Dr. Mikhail Korenman, and Dr. Eric Hecht.
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  • At Sunday, January 24, 2010 6:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Money talks, all the BS spins walk. USCF / their insurance carrier paid Polgar / Truong $39,000 + the USCF spent $750,000 + their insurance carrier spent $$$$$. The USCF lost. No spin will ever change this. Goichberg should be held accountable for the scandal he created.


    --What weasel told you it was a half of a million bucks? If true we should kick them all out. They have engaged in an awful mismanagement of the Federation's scarce resources. This is the biggest scandal since Hankin dropped his drawers in an executive session. They deserve no better than to be censored, branded, screwed blue, and tattooed. I'm with Larry: Let's crucify the weasels. Of course that is assuming it was anywhere near $500,000.> -- Stan Booz ("none")

    "Bill Hall, the organization’s executive director, said the federation, which has annual revenues of about $3 million, had spent nearly $750,000 in legal fees on the cases."

    If the USCF has won a "complete victory" then what could be more healthy for the Federation? Why, more complete victories. At about $600,000 a crack. We need to begin a discussion about how to secure more of these complete victories.

    Any ideas? Certainly, there must be questions for a class action lawsuit over Board members making legal decisions to protect themselves.

    Anti-USCF? Not at all. For complete victories, if such they are, can only strengthen the Federation.

    Or, perhaps, there was no complete victory at all. That: it was a bloody disaste, as a result of the egotistical stubbornness of, first and foremost, Bill Goichberg.

    There need to be new EB elections following the resignation of the Board.

    Certainly, the USCF must research the possibility of seeking legal damages from Board members who okayed expenditure of funds and who were also protecting themselves.

    I believe some members will pursue further legal action. Every Board conversation and decision needs to be explained in full in the broad daylight of sunshine and publicity. We need to see the correspondence of Board members when attending to any and all Federation business, their emails among themselves when discussing any Federation related business of any kind and satisfy ourselves that these people were not participants in criminal activities using USCF resources and funds to promote said activities.

    We know that the board will not cooperate. Therefore, it is vital to begin discussions about how to secure that cooperation.

    Yours, Larry Parr


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