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Monday, May 18, 2009

Nearly $500,000 in losses so far in 2009

Current USCF Leadership:

USCF President: Bill Goichberg

USCF VP: Jim Berry
USCF VP of Finance: Randy Bauer
USCF Secretary: Randy Hough
USCF ED: Bill Hall

Some basic USCF financial numbers:

YTD 2009 / YTD 2008

Total Revenues: $2,952,904 (Bequests of $397,681 = $2,555,223 actual revenues) / $2,633,658

Total Membership Revenues: $1,457,224 / $1,568,324

(Down $111,100 from last year)

Magazine Expenses: $623,998 / $697,197

(Savings of $73,199)

Total Expenses: $3,015,457 / $2,619,019

(We outspent last year by $396,438)

Losses in 2009 so far: $79,494 + $397,681 = $477,175

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  • At Monday, May 18, 2009 3:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    A bunch of incompetent board members. If the members want to bankrupt the USCF, vote for Goichberg, Jim Berry, Ruth Haring, Mike Atkins, Brian Mottershead, Brian Lafferty or Sam Sloan.

  • At Monday, May 25, 2009 10:03:00 AM, Anonymous Chiakkos said…

    small examples. Go do your own research for the rest:

    Example 1: (Hanken to Goichberg)

    Come on Bill, I will go half on the airfare. There are so many good reasons to do this. Give it some thought. Just think what going half means to me and what it means to you. If we lose a critical vote, you will think of this. All the money you have given the USFCF will be in the toilet if we ultimately lose this fight.

    Example 2: (Hanken to the person who they bribed)

    If Bill says "yes", you wouldn't owe anything to him. I asked for a sponsorship gift, not a loan. At the Open, you could still spend lots of time with ... Also you may have some pay for the blog you will do for Jennifer.

    ...Notice that I am willing to provide some food for you and .... I will have a fridge which will help. As to changeing, aren't you on Southwest? They .don't charge to change or cancel a trip.

    Example 3: (Hanken to the persons who they bribed)

    Dear .... and ....,
    If .... is willing to serve as a Delegate, it is important that you go on line today (when it is still July) and purchase a six month membership in USCF. It is $25 and I will personally reimburse you this money. I hope to talk with you later today, ....

    Note that both persons were certified by S. CA and NY (by Goichbrg himself), states of Hough, Hanken, and Goichberg!!! And look up when one person became a USCF member, days before the vote. There are plenty more. It can also be backed up with phone records among all parties. You can do your own research for the rest.

    Bribery is illegal. This one involved the USCF President Bill Goichberg, USCF Secretary Randy Hough and Chess Journalist of America President Jerry Hanken. USCF VP of Finance Randy Bauer, USCF VP Jim Berry and USCF ED Bill Hall are hiding this very serious illegal conduct from ALL USCF members. When will honest Randy Bauer, Jim Berry and Bill Hall launch an investigation against Goichberg, Hough and Hanken? Hmmm? When will you demand for Goichberg, Hough, Bauer, Hall and Berry to resign? How come I don't hear the bogus moral outrage scream from Harry Payne, Ruth Haring, Mike Atkins, Brian Lafferty, Brian Mottershead, and the rest of the gang? Where's the phone call from Lafferty to the authority to report this illegal conduct? How pathetic!

  • At Monday, May 25, 2009 11:11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's pathetic that the USCF and the board majority (Randy Bauer and Jim Berry) chose to cover up corruption and illegal conduct by the USCF President Bill Goichberg and others.

    Now it's clear why Goichber are so anxious to go after Polgar. He doesn't want anyone who can expose his long time pattern of despicable behavior on the board. Bauer is screaming about fiduciary duty all the time and yet he and Jim Berry chose to do NOTHING! What a hypocrite!

  • At Tuesday, May 26, 2009 5:53:00 PM, Anonymous JB Flores said…

    Pages 14 and 15 of Susan's Amended Complaint reads as follows:

    42. Defendants Hanken, Hough and Goichberg wanted so badly to see Truong removed from the Board that they even went as far as bribing a USCF member, Jessica Lauser, and her husband, Hero Smith, with free hotel accommodations, airline tickets, tournament entry fees, meals and future writing opportunities in exchange for them to come to Dallas for the Delegates Meeting and vote to remove Truong. Lauser was never a Delegate, and Smith was not even a member of the USCF until days before the USCF Delegates’ Meeting, when Hanken, Hough and Goichberg paid Smith's membership fees. Hough and Goichberg then certified both Lauser and Smith as Delegates so they could vote against Truong in the motions to remove Truong from the Executive Board. After the "USCF trial" against Truong, Lauser and Smith voted against removing Truong from the Executive Board. Despite attending the meeting with the purpose of voting for Truong’s removal, they changed their votes after hearing facts Truong presented in his defense and which facts were suppressed by
    Defendants Kronenberger, Goichberg, Hall, Hough, Hanken, and Berry.

    I am sick and tired of seeing Chess Life and the USCF website being used to portray a one-sided and inaccurate account of the lawsuits. Accordingly, I am dedicating space on my server to enlighten the members of all the facts - you may view it at USCF Legal Issues.


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