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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Statement by Randy Bauer

I'm growing increasingly concerned about basic financial processes within our organization. I spent nearly 20 years in organizations that regularly accounted for revenues and expenditures in ways that could be validated and verified, and I have lost confidence that this is the case at present with the USCF. I am going to be at the USCF headquarters with others in the next couple of weeks, and I hope that we will start charting a course to reverse this trend.

I've been responsible for a $5 billion budget with a AA+ credit rating, and current USCF practices must be improved should we hope to have similar financial credibility. That, and only that, would be my primary focus on the Board.

That said, we do not need, and cannot afford, Board members who are reckless, who make unsupportable statements that put the USCF at financial risk. We also cannot afford Board members who distract us from the significant work that needs to be done. Above all else, we MUST elect a Board that can work together, can restore financial integrity and will require operational accountability from the staff and Board alike. I am willing to accept that scrutiny.

My June Statement:

This election should not be about the past – please carefully review the candidates and support those with the qualifications and the ability to provide leadership and hope for the future of the USCF. I’m asking for your support and your vote.

It’s time to face up to the problems created by our current lack of focus. No Executive Board member is going to constructively change things based on our current circumstances -- we cannot make progress while our leadership is divided and divisive. We must focus on electing a Board that can collectively work to improve our organization.

Lately, the Board has been distracted from the work it needs to do. Important discussions and decisions have been sidetracked by internal dissension. We can no longer afford this politics as usual -- we need a change.

Change has to start with the people we elect. We must elect Board members who are honest, effective and accountable.

We must also elect a Board that can function as a team: I’m proud to say that I have worked productively with many of the members of the Executive Board and those running for the Board. For example, I worked with Bill Goichberg on the original draft of the bylaws revision to implement the One Member One Vote (OMOV) proposal. I worked with Joel Channing to secure a favorable construction loan and mortgage for our Crossville headquarters. Over the years, I’ve supported Susan Polgar’s efforts to increase chess activity and publicity. These are the sorts of individuals who can make a positive contribution to the USCF and deserve our support – support I am ready and able to provide.

I’ve spent much of my professional career leading teams dedicated to improving finances and services for large, complex organizations. These have included balancing a $5 billion state budget without raising taxes, creating strategies that improve results and reporting, and supporting award-winning initiatives that cut bureaucracy and create innovative change. We can do the same for the USCF.

Two years ago, I was elected to a one-year term on the Executive Board. I am proud that during that year we balanced the budget (only the second time in nine years). We also voted to move the USCF office and successfully implemented that change. While I didn’t originally support the vote to move, I did everything I could to make it successful, and it was implemented without negatively impacting member services.

That is the focus I will bring to the Board: I will approach each issue on its merits – as an independent voice. However, once the Board has decided, I will work with all members to successfully implement those policies. Together, we can make a difference. I ask for your vote for constructive, positive change.

Randy Bauer
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