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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Letter from Mr. Ralph Bowman

I have known Susan Polgar for several years. I have served with her on the USCF Polgar Committee since it's inception.

We have had many conversations on subjects such as Girls in Chess, Scholastic Chess, World Championship Chess, and Chess in General in hotel lobbies, across meeting tables, over dining tables, and in emails. Because of those conversations I firmly believe that she has the welfare of Chess and Chess players foremost in her mind.

The USCF is about playing the game of Chess. Therefore, when one of our top players is willing to make the sacrifice of time and money to serve on the USCF Executive Board I believe it is our duty as members to elect them so they can give an insight into Chess matters as only a top player is capable.

For these reasons I wholeheartedly support Susan Polgar for the USCF Executive Board.

-Ralph E. Bowman

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