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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Welcome to the old and new USCF!

Today is the final day to submit petitions to run for the 2007 Executive Board Election. Here are the candidates so far in no particular order. Four people from this group will be elected to the next USCF Executive Board.

Susan Polgar
Mikhail Korenman
Paul Truong
Randy Bauer
Jim Berry
Mike Goodall
Don Schultz
Stephen Jones
Joe Lux and one other candidate

Before the field is even finalized, mud slinging, lies, deceit and personal attacks are rampant. Instead of discussing how each candidate can help the USCF in a positive way, the arguments have been about finding things to try to discredit the candidates. And if there is nothing bad, let's make something up anyway. This is the typical USCF Chess Politics!


That is why I refused to enter this petty destructive political game. They can take all the cheap shots they want. They can lie all the want. I will talk things that CAN and WILL help the USCF and US Chess. People told me that this strategy is politically suicidal. Then so be it! I will step out in front and take the political bullet. I am not going to change my moral and belief for any political reason.

This is my way! This is my approach! Too bad if these people do not like it. If the USCF members like the same old ways then they are welcome to vote for others. If they want to vote for the people who have the proven professional experience and integrity to help the USCF and US Chess, they know who to vote for.

Welcome to the future of the USCF!

I vow to restore the respectability, honesty, integrity and credibility back to the USCF and US Chess. My message is very clear. The USCF MUST change for the better!

The current state of the USCF is not acceptable! Sponsors do not trust the USCF. Supporters do not trust the USCF. Too many board members have violated the members' trust.

Here are some of my areas of focus:

- The respectability and credibility of the USCF MUST be drastically improved!
- The destructive Chess Politics MUST be stopped!
- The welfare of US Chess and the USCF MUST be the #1 priority!
- The level of professionalism of the USCF MUST be improved!
- The USCF budget MUST be balanced!
- The USCF MUST support and promote all its membership categories! A strong cooperation and partnership between adult, collegiate, youth and scholastic chess as well as military, correspondence, email and Internet chess, etc. MUST be established!
- The USCF MUST establish a strong Professional Marketing and PR system!

This election is NOT about me! This election is about the future of US Chess and the USCF for years to come. Thank you for your support! Together, we WILL change the USCF for the better!
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  • At Wednesday, January 10, 2007 7:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Since this is a new blog, I'm reposting a couple of things from Susan's regular blog. Just because they will be important to future users.

  • At Wednesday, January 10, 2007 7:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    The USCF Executive Board has just lifted the suspensions of Sam Sloan and B. Marinello. They also wiped Sam Sloan’s slate clean of past infractions.

    In the past, Susan Polgar has sent three public letters to the Board asking them to take action to stop the lies and attacks. In the past, Sloan has also written that he will nullify any action taken against him

    It is significant that Sam Sloan is now BETTER off than when the latest action was taken. Before the action, he had one prior sanction on his record. That sanction has now been wiped clean.

    While I support Susan Polgar, any remotely objective analysis can only conclude that this event was a major victory of Sam Sloan and what he represents and consequently a major defeat for Susan Polgar.

  • At Wednesday, January 10, 2007 7:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I tried to write the above story as an objective journalist might. This is important news and people should know what's going on.

    As for my opinion, I cannot help but fail to express my outrage at this decision. The forces of evil have won a significant victory and the light of good in our game has been dimmed thereby.

  • At Wednesday, January 10, 2007 9:40:00 PM, Blogger david said…


    I see these actions by the USCF Executive Board as a last gap attempt to hold the fort against the superior forces of Susan. This is only a sign of how scared they really are of Susan. They know that Susan will win. They are desperate to stop her. It will probably get much worse as the election approaches.

    I do not think it is a major defeat. Susan is going to win this election. That is what this is all about. I do not see any defeats for Susan. She is a winner and she will win this election.

  • At Wednesday, January 10, 2007 10:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hate to bust you fellows' bubbles but this thing regarding Sam's suspension is not about Susan. It's about Sam's suspension.

    Please note that I am not a Sam supporter. I am not a basher either.

    I agree that we need to elect good people to the executive board. I plan on voting positively myself.

    I think that imaginary machinations that you might try to create regarding any candidate will only hurt you and your cause.

    I suggest you try to stick with the positives like:

    Susan is indeed a World Champion in chess. She also has done quite a bit to promote chess in the US since her arrival here in the states.

    Try not to dwell on the perceived negatives but give your energy to the positives. Remember, you get what you put energy towards.

  • At Wednesday, January 10, 2007 10:18:00 PM, Blogger SusanPolgar said…

    Thanks everyone for your input. I will continue to discuss many important issues in the next few months right here.

    Thanks for taking part in it.

    Best wishes,
    Susan Polgar

  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 3:55:00 AM, Blogger gregory said…

    Thank-you Susan for this blog. You had my vote long ago. I believe that you are on the right track separating most of the details of the USCF politics from your main forum by including them here. Nice move.

    Gentlemen, my USCF forum colleagues...

    I hope that for the most part-- we can stay away from Mr. Sloan as a primary focus in Susan's new blog. You all know how I feel, however, I have heard so much regarding Mr. Sloan, and frankly; it is a turn-off. At least for me. I hope that we can let this issue drop and focus our voices and ideas to try to help promote positive and effective change. It would be a breath of fresh air to focus on ideas rather than personalities.

    Just my take,


  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 1:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Gregory, I applaud your sentiment and I especially applaud the work you did on your own web page. As you noted on the USCF forums, it is a real shame that you didn't attract more of an audience than you did.

  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 5:38:00 PM, Blogger david said…


    I agree 100% with your view on Positive focus for the future and ending any more discussion of a certain negative person.

    I too support Susan fully.

    Let all USCF chess players now focus on a positive future. Lets first get Susan elected with her entire slate so she can have a most positive impact on chess.

  • At Friday, January 12, 2007 1:16:00 AM, Blogger gregory said…

    Hi Jack and David,

    Thanks for the comments regarding the CCL forum Jack. While the forum is not used, the application really helps us run the college chess tournaments, and it is only getting better with time. I am quite positive that the efforts will pay off one day. Maybe not with gold, but just as a vehicle to build a better community.

    Hey David,

    Yea... hearing positive ideas and the strategies to promote effective change are good to hear. Often times, we hear to much about personalities rather than focusing on the idea. This is especially true in some of the other forums.

    Take care!



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